Golf Headquarters of Missoula

Trade In - TRADE UP

Golf Headquarter's used club trade-in system makes it easy and quick to trade in your old clubs towards the purchase of new equipment at Golf Headquarters.  As a member of the PGA Trade-In Network, Golf Headquarters utilizes the PGA Value Guide (the nationally recognized standard) to determine the value of used clubs.  To find an estimate on the value of your equipment, please visit the PGA VALUE GUIDE.

Golf Headquarters Trade In Guidelines

We avoid accepting drivers that are more than seven years old. The driver category is fast moving with new technology introduced every year. With very few exceptions, men’s drivers less than 400 cc are not acceptable. As with all woods, we do not accept drivers with dents and we rarely accept models with scratches, excessive wear or pop-up marks.

Fairway Woods & Hybrids
Technology in fairways woods and hybrids is not as rapidly evolving as drivers. This allows us to accept some older models but typically none over ten years old. We do not accept fairway woods and hybrids with dents and we rarely accept models with scratches, excessive wear or pop-up marks.

Much like woods, older irons are typically undesirable. With few exceptions (like the Ping Eye 2), we do not accept irons older than ten years. It is important to make sure than iron sets have matching shafts and correct lengths. Sets must also include a pitching wedge and irons in a sequential order. If a set is missing an iron then you must have a quote of the set as if it were individual clubs. We do accept sets with fewer than 8 irons, so 4-P and 5-P sets are acceptable. Be sure to check the condition of steel shafts, as it is easy to miss dents and bends that would deem the set unacceptable.


Wedges follow the same guidelines as irons; however, you must be sure to check the condition of the grooves and face. Any clubs with “worn out” grooves (missing metal or finish due to wear) or excessive face wear are unacceptable. Other items that could affect a club's value include a poorly executed custom grind, custom stamps and other personalization.


We accept name-brand putters from almost any time period. Conditions that would deem a putter unacceptable include: bent or broken shaft, missing finish or face insert, and uncorrectable loft and lie.


Our intention is to maximize the value we can offer our customers for desirable, good-condition brand-name quality merchandise.